Resource for Bloggers – Calendar of Free Stuff Days from Wise Bread

Calendar of Free Stuff Days - Wise BreadI came across this yesterday and I thought some other bloggers might find this helpful.  The posts that I have shared on my Pittsburgh blog about Ben & Jerry’s Free Cone Day have always been very popular.  The personal finance blog Wise Bread has put together a list of all of the free stuff days for the whole year.  The next big day for Free Stuff is Halloween.  Check out the whole calendar of free stuff days here.

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Tucumcari New Mexico, Dorothy Shay and Local Playlists

I am working on doing some social media work for a new app that will be released later this summer called WeJayDJ (follow @wejaydj for updates).  One of the articles that I came across while searching for content on playlists is a playlist on the Guardian’s Music Blog.  The Guardian is looking for folks to create a playlist around a theme of your choosing – “Make a playlist: Your top 10 songs about…“.

Which got me thinking – local bloggers should submit local playlists!

Official seal of Tucumcari, New Mexico

Official seal of Tucumcari, New Mexico (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Songs can help to define a place.  A few years ago, I was driving across the country with a friend and picked up some books about Route 66 along the way.  The town of Tucumcari, New Mexico was made famous by Dororthy Shay’s song “Two Gun Harry from Tucumcari.”  In fact there is an entire album of songs about Tucumcari, New Mexico – Route 66 news has a CD review of that album here.

I would love to see the local playlists that bloggers come up with.  I have already asked the IheartPGH readers to help me come up with some Pittsburgh playlists.  One of the popular posts on IheartPGH last year is the post I wrote about Blue Slide Park, which is the name of Mac Miller’s recent album, and the name of what most kids would say is the best playground in the city.

Here are a few ideas for putting together a local playlist….

  • top 10 songs by Pittsburgh artists
  • top 10 songs about Pittsburgh
  • top 10 songs that mention Pittsburgh places
  • top 10 songs Steelers fans listen to before a game

I would love to see the local playlists that bloggers come up with.  I have already asked the IheartPGH readers to help me come up with some a playlist of the top 10 songs about Pittsburgh.  I have used the tool to create collaborative lists.  I have started with one of my favorite Pittsburgh songs – The Burg by Larry McGee.

If you create a local playlist – please share a link to your playlist here in the comments and use the hashtag #localplaylist

Some recent blog posts about Tucumcari, New Mexico:

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Cleveland Twitter Accounts

Downtown Cleveland

Downtown Cleveland (Photo credit: Tom Baker. (@mylifeinhdr))

Here are 9 Twitter accounts to follow if you are looking to learn more about Cleveland.  We’ve had a few of these on our Cleveland blog list, and we’ve found a few more essential Cleveland Twitter accounts to follow.

What other Cleveland folks should we add to the list?

@CityofCleveland – City of Cleveland – Announcements from Cleveland City Hall.

@ClevelandMag – Cleveland Magazine – Keeping you up to date on what’s happening in Cleveland.

@BeThePlus – ClevelandPlus – Cleveland Plus (or The Plus) is Northeast #Ohio‘s regional marketing campaign. Join us in promoting CLE+!  #Cleveland  #Akron  #Canton   #Youngstown

@Cleveland_Scene – Cleveland Scene –  Cleveland’s only alternative source for news, arts, music, film, and sports.

@CoolCleveland – CoolCleveland – Follow us & stay hip to cool EVENTS, NEWS, PEOPLE & NEIGHBORHOODS in the Cleveland, Ohio region. On the web, email & mobile.

@GlobalCleveland – Global Cleveland – Focusing on regional economic development by attracting, welcoming and connecting newcomers to economic and social opportunities throughout Greater Cleveland.

@IheartClev – IheartCleveland – blogger ( ), designer, dog/bike/vintage/wine lover.

@WhyCLE – Jen – A Cleveland gal, who always gets asked Why Cleveland? and is searching for and blogging about good answers to that question.

@OhioCityTweets – Ohio City – Complete Cleveland Neighborhood

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Tumblr Tuesday – Word Bookstores

Word Bookstore

Word Bookstore (Photo credit: *Bitch Cakes*)

One of the blogs that we’ve been following in Tumblr for a few years is the blog from Word Bookstores.  Word is a small chain of independent bookshops in Greenpoint, Brooklyn and Jersey City.  One of the best ways to “get local” in any city is to find the local book shop. I am usually a fan of any local bookseller that writes a blog as it is often a double dose of some of the best local information.

As much as I love blogging, I still love books.  I don’t have a kindle and one of my new years resolutions is to read more.  I’d like to read more of the books on my shelf, so I can go out an visit more local book shops and buy more books.  But, I also think it is important, and the sleep expert folks agree, to spend some time away from screens every day.

Word Bookstores - local bookseller with a blog

The Word Tumblr blog has featured books, upcoming events and other happenings from the Word shops. They’ll even help you with your book and relationship questions.  Check out their Ask-A-Bookseller posts. Even if you aren’t in Brooklyn or Jersey City – you can still shop local by ordering from the Word website.

Do you still read paper books?  Know of a bookshop that has a blog?  Share your favorite books and blogs in the comments below.

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For the Map Lovers…

Map of Treasure Island, from Robert Louis Stevenson’s “Treasure Island. via The New Yorker

Map of Treasure Island, from Robert Louis Stevenson’s “Treasure Island. via The New Yorker

If you’ve browsed this blog or follow BlogLocal on Tumblr and Pinterest – you will know we have a thing for maps.  BlogLocal is a website about blogs about local places and maps are often used to find local places.

If you like maps, then be sure to check out this post on the New Yorker by Casey N Cep –  The Allure of the Map.

The entire article is worth a read especially if you are interested in literature and maps.  But this paragraph is what struck me as most appropriate for local bloggers:

Writers love maps: collecting them, creating them, and describing them. Literary cartography includes not only the literal maps that authors commission or make themselves but also the geographies they describe. The visual display of quantitative information in the digital age has made charts and maps more popular than ever, though every graphic, like every story, has a point of view.

Continue reading

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Local Photo: Christmas Market in Birmingham, England

This is only our fourth week of Local Photo post and we have our first submission from outside the US.  This weeks photo comes from Joseph Harrison in Birmingham , West Midlands, England.  You can follow Joseph on Twitter @JTAH_1990

Blog name: Desperately Seeking Adventure

About this photo: This picture is of Birmingham’s Chamberlain Square where the Frankfurt Christmas Birmingham is currently taking place.

birmingham-christmas-marketDo you have a photo that tells a local story?  Click here to submit your local photo to be considered for a upcoming post.


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Local Photos Wanted – Share A Photo That Tells A Story About A Place

English: A photo of a Voigtlander Vito II came...

English: A photo of a Voigtlander Vito II camera with a 8-speed Prontor-S shutter model made in 1954. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Each Sunday for the past we have been posting a photo and a story from some local bloggers from around the country…

We would like to make this a weekly feature where local bloggers share a photo of a place, a person, or any setting that captures local.  Pick a photo that tells a story about that place, give us a quick sentence or two about what this photo and why this photo tells a story about a local place.

Click here to submit your local photo 

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Quora Users Suggest the Best San Francisco Blogs

QuoraOne of the websites that I use often when I am looking for an answer to “what is the best tool to do x?” is Quora.  Quora is a question and answer website that has a lot of great content and lots of tech folks have spent time answering questions on the site.

I was browsing Quora this morning looking for some information on BlogLovin and how other bloggers have used the BlogLovin platform.  If you are a blogger who uses BlogLovin – I would love to learn more about your experiences. Continue reading

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Facebook Group for Local Bloggers to Collaborate and Share

One of the most helpful resources I have as a Pittsburgh blogger is the Pittsburgh Bloggers Facebook group.  This group was started in 2012 and now has 253 members.  The Pittsburgh Bloggers Facebook Group is a great place to ask questions about Pittsburgh and questions about blogging.

join_our_facebook_groupAs I have been working to write more posts for the BlogLocal Blog, I have been wanting to connect with more local bloggers outside of Pittsburgh.  So I’ve been thinking and I did some searching – why not have a Facebook Group for local bloggers across all cities.  Meet the new Local Bloggers Facebook group.   Continue reading

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